Firstly as you know love is something which needs sacrifices. Sacrifices of self respect, emotions and almost everything. If your partner is leaving you today or almost had done then think simply he/she doesn’t deserve you anymore and the one who lefts nevers yours.

Don’t think much about your past

I know it’s going to hurt you like hell but you have to understand the more you think the more it will destroy you. It will be difficult on start but need to think you have life ahead. There’s a fact that you can only remember a person 20 sec and if you remember him afterward it’s means you have enough time to waste. Stop begging infront of your past if they had really attached with you they will come back. Learn to wait with good memories. overthinking kills you and it’s results nothing.


It’s not easy to move on but it’s also not much hard once you start engaging yourself to the things you love most. you can talk to your friends not on this topic out from this topic it’s helps to keep your mind diverted. “Empty mind is the home of evil” nevers feels yourself alone keep enagaging yourself in things you love most. you can play your favourite games. you have to understand that “change is the law of nature” nobody is permanent in your life. it’s the nature of time it’s always change and you have to change yourself according to time otherwise you will loose yourself.

keep distance from social network

social media is the biggest demotivating place. it’s place feel with sadness, demotivation, anxiety, hate etc. Stay away from social networks of follows yoga or physical exercises you can join gym or singing classes.whoever and whatever is going from your life let them go maybe it’s for a better reason. Try to be positive rather than depressing or harming yourself. it’s not easy to move on give yourself sometime.s Stay away from bad habits. you will start feeling better on your own. Always remeber you are born to be happy and temporary things can’t takes your birth rights

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